Divyang Cricket Control Board of India formed with the objective of operating the Indian Cricket Team for Physically Challenged and providing an international platform to differently-abled players through cricket. Physically Challenged Cricket players to be given the opportunity to play in the same blue color dress as Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan etc. which gives the disabled cricket players an opportunity to be honored in society…. The composition of the Divyang Cricket Control Board of India is stated under the direction given by the Honorable Supreme Court of India.
In which 31 people have been included, out of which 27 people are physically disabled. The Indian team has won and hoisted the Indian tricolor in Singapore and many other places.
The Divyang Cricket Control board of India was previously named as Disabled Sporting society.

C Board

we have been operating the Indian Divyang Cricket Team since 2007. So far, 31 international Series have been organized by us.
There have been 96 international cricket matches under the board. It is
a matter of pride that the Indian Divyang cricket team has won 85 matches.
In addition,
We have received the distinction of being the champion in the Asia Cup
in 2015. The runners-up in the Asia Cup in 2019.
You will be very happy to know that our team has traveled to Pakistan,
Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore, and
everywhere the Indian team has won and hoisted the Indian tricolor.


The main objective of organizing the Divyang Premier League cricket tournament organizing in United Arab Emirates is that, our Indian Constitution in which rich, poor, women and men are given equal status. Like India’s star cricketer Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, MS Dhoni, Shikhar Dhawan, these Divyang cricketers also play cricket for the country, these players should also have a beautiful event like IPL, then only in real time we will be able to encourage them and the Indian Constitution Under the definition, they will be able to stand on par. Our main effort is that this disabled player should never think of himself as weak, we and responsible citizens like you should become the strength of these players and make them realize that they are also responsible citizens and sportspersons of India, that too by Virat Kohli Shikhar Dhawan Rohit Sharma Is equal.